What Emergency Supplies Do You Keep In Your Car?

Aside from a car jack and spare tire, what do you keep in your car in case of an emergency?

Things you should have:

Medical kit - bandaids, ointment, gauze and tape
Flashlight - with good batteries
Fire Starter - matches, striker, Bic lighter
Signaling - Mirror, whistle
Toiletries - when running into the woods is the right thing to do
Knife - a good one capable of chopping small branches
Duct Tape - absolutely necessary!
Map - so you can navigate in unfamiliar territory

Things it would be good to have:

Bugout / Get Home bag
Tire repair kit and inflator

As well as the above, there will be things that are important to you, such as supplies for your kids, umbrellas, tarps, and so on.

What do you keep in your car?