Surviving On Bottled Water

Here's a great and cheap prep. You can buy a pack of 28 bottles, 16.9 ounces per bottle, of Ozarka water from WalMart for $3.98

This is a one week minimum supply of water!

You need at a minimum of 1/2 gallon of water / day to survive. That's 64 ounces, or 4 bottles of this water. (4 X 16.9 ounces = 67.6 ounces, just over the minimum)

28 bottles divided by 4 = 7 days worth of water, filtered and sterile, and as long as you keep it in a dark place, will last a very long time.

Multiply this by the number of family members, and that's how many packs of bottled water you'll need to store.

4 packs = 4 people = 1 week. 4 X $3.98 = $15.92. What's your family worth?

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