Storing Chocolate

Chocolate is not just a candy bar. It can be made into cakes, brownies, cookies, finger snacks and a whole lot more. If we get into a SHTF situation where it all shuts down, having a sweet chocolaty snack every so often will make life a whole lot more bearable.

Chocolate is highly subject to oxidation, meaning, if left in the open air, it goes bad quickly. We've all opened a candy bar from a gas station that's had it there too long, only to find a "whitish" fuzz on the bar, grossly unappetizing, and it gets chucked right away.

As a prepper, we have a fix for that!

Put your chocolate in a canning jar along with an oxygen absorber and vacuum seal the jar. I have 2 year old chocolate morsels that look and taste just fine!

Here is a link to a website that tells you all the ins and outs about storing chocolate.

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