Keeping A Magnet In Your Car

"Oh, that's solid brass" "Oh, it's real silver" Having a magnet would expose any fraud attempted on you. Brass, aluminum, tin, silver and gold do not stick to a magnet. Only steel, iron and very pure nickel (it's weak but it will stick to a magnet)

The magnet can be any cheapo magnet, like a refrigerator magnet, a Neo magnet - doesn't matter. And you can stick it to any steel surface in your car, such as the inside of the trunk lid, or the inside of the hood or the door jam.

Years ago, I had a nice Jeep. The liftgate was heavy and I was sure it was made of sheet steel. Nope. Fiberglass, which a magnet exposed.

Surprises such as that can cost you money, and a simple magnet will tell you the truth!