Even in the best of homes, mice sometimes find their way in. If you have stores of food, and especially if any are open and the smell of food is present, it's a mouse magnet!

Other than protecting small children from a mousetrap, it's not a bad idea to have one in your pantry, behind a washing machine, under sinks and anywhere where pipes penetrate your floor. Carpenters always cut the hole in the floor way larger than the pipe to enable easy assembly, and that extra space is a highway for mice.

I like to put the bait (usually peanut butter) both on top and under the release. This way, if a mouse steals the bait from the top, which is easy to do, it will have to work harder to get the bait from the bottom side, and that usually springs the trap.

Trivia time. Here's a link to an informative page on who invented the mousetrap and when. Enjoy!


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