Not sure of the validity of this video but seems so much better than matches and tweezers.

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Peppermint oil, "death to ticks" !!

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Nancy HillNancy Hill IDK about ticks, but peppermint oils helps with headaches. Was going through my essential oil book today looking for the head ache remedy.


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Dale FisherDale Fisher I have used peroxide and also hand sanitizer. Both have worked to loosen them up off the skin.

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Johnny KirbyJohnny Kirby Also, Blair Hi-Power Liniment

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Jodi McDanielJodi McDaniel You should NEVER use EO's neat. Peppermint is a hot oil and can burn your skin. Once you have a reaction you will always have a reaction to that oil. People have been hospitalized for using EO's neat. Now dilute it with some coconut oil and I'm sure it would still work. And for heavens sake dont drink the stuff.

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