Is Donald Trump Your Worst Prepping Nightmare?

I have been lying back, waiting for his first 100 days in office to pass before passing judgement. I don't think anyone can organize something as huge as the Federal Government in anything less, and these days, anything more.

I am not a liberal. i am not someone to pass judgement on anyone who is trying to fix a very broken system like the one Trump has inherited.

Obama was handed a mess. His solution was to buy our way out of a devasting depression by rolling the money presses. We avoided a very nasty depression, but our money is worth a great deal less now.

Trump is now having to deal with more than 20 years of financial mismanagement. He has to somehow recover from all the problems previous administrations have trickled down to him. Good luck with that.

You, and I, cannot rely on our government to take care of us. You are very vulneralbe financially. Your money is worth crap. So is mine. My $20 bill in my wallet is worth way less than it was just a few years ago.

Go to a gas station. Buy something. It's 87 cents. they take 2 cents from the penny tray. A cent (the correct term for a 1 cent coin) is worth nothing.

Proof: ask any retiree living on their Social Security paychecks how they are doing. My MIL tells me all the time about how little she can buy with her monthly allotment.

We are screwed. It's only a matter of time before you feel it.

Time to buy silver is now!!!!!