A Waterfall Inside The House

Yesterday, we had a horrific rainstorm driven by high winds, up to 40 MPH. Shortly after it started, I noticed water dripping down the wall and molding in my office. Going outside, I could see several roof shingles laying on the ground with more bunched up on the roof.


During a break in the rain, I got my ladder out and went up there to assess the damage. With some broken shingles and some rocks to hold them in place, a temporary fix was made.

Today, I got up there with new shingles, roof tar and nails, and re-did that patch of our roof, it won't leak again anytime soon. Didn't have to go to the store for anything because in my preps I have:

A spare pack of shingles
Roofing nails - got a coffee can full for $1 at a flea market
Roofing tar
All the necessary tools to effect repairs.

How would you handle a situation like this? Do you have shingles or at the minimum, a tarp to cover a damaged roof? A pack of shingles isn't terribly expensive and takes up no room to store, tar is also cheap as are nails.

Even you folks with metal roofs should have a pack of roofing screws, some tar and a spare length of metal roof, flashing and trim just in case!